My first experience of Saturday CPD: It’s like Fantasy Football!

I had the absolute pleasure of attending Educating Northants on Saturday; my first ever experience of the growing Saturday CPD phenomenon. Upon arriving I was staggered by the absolute majesty and sheer size of options available; differing strands of curriculum thinking, teaching and learning, maths and leadership just to name a few. Then came the vast array of presenters available; published authors, local presenters, edutwitter super stars, headteachers, and Ofsted leads.

My brain went into overdrive as I tried to select from what was available. Being a Saturday it defaulted to fantasy football mode!

  • 5 sessions – my limited budget
  • My want to network locally and national – star players vs consistent hard working team players

Luckily I played a blinder – attending the event in the first place; the sheer volume of research based practice on offer, and the quality of the delivery of all presenters meant that every session I went to ended up being a star player. No need to play any wild cards or triple captains here.

Now if only my fantasy football choices were just as successful!

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